Tracy Kotecha


Tracy is a fully certified Yoga Therapy and Pilates instructor. Her philosophy and approach about ensuring her clients  really  understand  the  basic  core  strengthening  and  postural  awareness  before  moving  on  to  more advanced levels. As she came from a Pilates background she has an extensive knowledge of  working with the small deep stabilising muscles and combines this knowledge with Yoga concepts in her classes to take the best from each discipline which is now commonly referred to as Yogalates.


Tracy  teaches  because  she loves  seeing  the  benefits  and  changes  her clients experience from  their increased flexibility,  strength  and  postural  improvements.  She  works  her  classes  around  her  clients  individual  needs rather than making them follow pre-determined set classes.  She does this because she understands that each person is an individual with their own unique issues, experiences and goals.We are delighted to have Tracy as part  of  The  Workplace  Yogi  team  and  we  know  that  our  Clients  will  hugely  benefit  from  her  knowledge  of posture, anatomy and alignment.