Musab Ali


Musab Ali is both a Yoga teacher and cross fitter who is passionate about teaching yoga to everyone!    Ali  completed  his  RYT  200  with  Fit  Republic  School  of  Yoga  and  has  been teaching  yoga  since  then  to  all  different  groups  of  people,  including  corporate  yoga  for people  in  offices  who  need  to  find  ways  to  move  during  the  day  and  to  Olympic  weight lifters.


As an Olympic weightlifter himself Ali knows the boundaries and the anatomy of the body very well and modifies the postures to suit  all types of people, no matter what their level  of  fitness  or  flexibility.    Ali  is  registered  with  the  Yoga  Alliance  US.


His  classes incorporate deep stretching and attention to proper alignment.Each class helps to create a space where you can be fully present in the moment, in a more fun and enjoyable way.