Lara Bogdanovic


The search for inner peace and healing brought Lara onto the yogic path.


Before becoming a yogi, Lara used to work in PR within Dubai’s buzzing media industry. Despite the excitement of this industry, the endless deadlines, press releases and events left Lara feeling stressed too much of the time which started to take toll on her overall health. She was looking for a practice that would bring balance and restore her body-mind connection, as well as build strength and self love.


It was a random meditation after one stressful day at work that changed her life forever and opened the door to the practice of mindfulness and yoga.


The discovery of yogic practices with emphasis on the powerful breath–movement connection, provided her with a tool of self-exploration self-awareness restoring the lost connection between body and mind and Lara soon embarked on a journey to India where she has completed her teacher training in the Ashtanga Yoga method.


Inspired by the healing benefits she has experienced and witnessed, Lara dedicated her life to teaching yoga and mindfulness, aiming to share the this knowledge and bring healthier habits, more meaningful and stress free lives to people living in the fast, urban communities.


Lara believes that students of all levels can experience full benefits of the yoga practice – connect with themselves, go inwards and experience peace, healing and deeper understanding, by bringing the awareness to breath in their every day lives.