Emma Waldron


Emma  is  from  the  UK  and  currently  living  in  Dubai.  She  trained  as  a  contemporary  dancer  at  the University of Chichester gaining a degree In Dance. Emma then went on to attain her PGCE teaching qualification  becoming  Head  of  dance  and  teaching  BTEC  and  A  level  dance  in  further  education.


During this time Emma and her students created many emotive pieces of choreography working with emotional  health  as  stimuli.  This  creative  process  formed  a  strong  relationship  between  her,  her students and dance, and it was there she found her love for using movement as a form of therapy.  Emma  is  also  passionate  about  corporate  yoga,  using  breathe  work,  movement  and  meditation  to address  physical  and  emotional  health  in  the  working  environment  by  focusing  on  spine  health, depression, stress, and anxiety.


After many years successfully running a creative arts department she understands  how  everyday  demands  can  get  in  the  way  of  a  healthy  body  and  healthy  mind.  By bringing simple tools into the office she wants to encourage you to become a healthier, vibrant, more successful and happier version of you reaching your fullest potential in all areas of your life.   As a qualified yoga therapist Emma runs  group  and 1;1 yoga  sessions ranging from energising and dynamic  to  restorative  and  therapeutic.


Depending  on  the  style  of  practise,  her  classes  are  also influenced  by  her  dance  training,  offering  challenging  and  creative  elements  and  unique  flow sequences.  We are delighted to have Emma as part of our growing talented team.