Dennise O Dom


Dennise  has  always  been  dedicated  to  seeking  deeper  meaning  to  everything  in  her  life. After leaving the corporate world as an HR professional a few years ago, she decided to turn her life upside down to travel to Thailand for a Yoga training, where she  not only became a certified  teacher  but  also  experienced  the  true  meaning  of  practicing  yoga.


Her  favourite quote from that experience is : The only way out is within. She has since then been working towards her 500  hours’ certification and teaches a variety of   yoga   styles,   which   include   Ashtanga,   Vinyasa,   Prenatal   and   Yin   (and   Ayurveda). She  believes  that mindful breathing  and  practicing  awareness  is  key  to  not  only  yoga,  but life.


Dennise bases her classes on enabling individuals to develop greater connection to their inner world.  She is also multi lingual and can  instruct in German and Turkish upon request.We are delighted to have such a multi-talented teacher as part of our team.