Brittany Costa


Health  and Wellness  Guide  Brittany  D.  Costa  works  with  individuals  on becoming  healthier  by  guiding  them  through  proper  physical  fitness,healthy  nutrition  and  leading  a  positive  and  balanced  lifestyle.  Brittany was previously based in the Greater New York City area prior to moving to  Dubai  in  2014.


She  has  studied  with  multiple  fitness  and  nutrition schools  in  order  to  become  a  Certified  Personal  Trainer,  Barre  and Pilates  Instructor,  Strala  Yoga  Guide  and  Fitness  Nutrition  Coach. Brittany has experience of teaching individuals and groups of all levels of fitness and experience. She  has taught corporate  yoga in  the USA  and now in the UAE and we are delighted to have her as part of our growing team.