Corporate Yoga Programs, Workshops and Events

Quick fixes don’t work and waste the resources of the business and your employees precious time. If you are interested in building a long term wellness strategy for your business, you have come to the right place. Behavioral change is tough to do on your own. By offering Corporate Yoga & Office Yoga programs of regular weekly classes we help our Clients build a long lasting wellness practice that will increase their health and maximize the performance of the business. We differentiate ourselves from any other provider of Corporate Yoga in the following ways:

  • We tailor a curriculum to the needs of your team.
  • We provide ongoing weekly communication and education throughout your program.
  • We provide promotional material for your program.
  • We measure the impact of your program so you can measure VOI and ROI.
  • All our programs are culturally appropriate.
  • Our teachers speak your language – expect to learn the scientific benefits of all the techniques. No fluffy language used here!

Corporate Yoga Option 1: Brain & Body Booster Program


Breathe, Stretch & Focus! Our signature and most popular class provides an opportunity for office based teams to boost their brain and body, recharge their batteries, take a well-earned break from their to-do list, reconnect with themselves and each other and return to their desks feeling energized and focused.

Techniques include: Breathing techniques, physical stretching, concentration and awareness building mindful meditation techniques.

Logistics: 30, 45 or 60 minutes per session, recommend a minimum of x1 classes per week, no change of clothes needed, no yoga mats, all you need is a chair. Ideal to conduct in meeting rooms or open plan areas. Available in 4, 8 and 12 month programs.

Corporate Yoga Option 2: POP-UP Yoga Studio Program


We bring the yoga studio to your office using yoga mats and tailor the classes to the interests and needs of the group. Whether you are interested in a slow moving yoga practice or a more energetic strength building class we will tailor our classes to enable everyone to join in. In all of our classes we also teach breathing techniques and mindful meditation to enable participants to benefit from the full range of techniques.

Techniques include: Breathing techniques, physical stretching on a yoga mat to include standing and seated postures, concentration and awareness building mindful meditation techniques.

Logistics: 45 or 60 minutes per session, recommend a minimum of x 2 classes per week, change of clothes needed, yoga mats provided, space large enough to put down yoga mats.

Corporate Yoga Option 3: Mindfulness & Stress Reduction Program


Increasing numbers of businesses are harnessing the power of mindful meditation to help boost people and business performance through enhancing the power of the Mind. In a world where most professionals feel like they have too much to do and too little time Mindful meditation techniques train us to keep our focus on one point and with awareness to notice when our mind has wandered. This simple technique builds our ability over time to experience a consistently, clear, calm and focused mind.

Techniques include: Stress reduction techniques and Mindfulness techniques tailored to the office.

Logistics: 30 minutes per session, recommended x 1 or 2 classes per week, no change of clothes needed, a quiet space within the office, ideally a meeting room. Available in 4, 8 or 12 month programs. Includes Mindful meditation audio files for each participant.

Corporate Yoga Option 4: Yoga Workshops, Events and Conferences


Our workshops provide the perfect opportunity to introduce your team to the wellness, health and work benefits of yoga and mindfulness techniques. Either as stand-alone events or as part of your off-site, conference or team event we will tailor the workshop to your needs. We will explore how these techniques can directly and positively influence your effectiveness at work, the quality of your relationships at work and your ability to focus, concentrate and maximise your potential.

Techniques: There will be something for everyone as we explore the benefits of breathing fully to calm the mind and oxygenate the body, alleviating physical tension and stress from the body through movement, the importance of healthy workplace habits and the power of mindful meditation to boost your brain and body.

Logistics: workshop length varies depending on your needs.