About The Workplace Yogi

The best work only happens when we feel our best at work


We are spending longer at work, dealing with more information than at any time before and the business press is full of articles telling us that stress is at epidemic proportions. Surely there has to be a better way? We believe that everyone should feel good and have the opportunity to reach their full potential.  We are passionate about equipping businesses and individuals with the tools and techniques they need in order to thrive inside and outside of work.


Before founding The Workplace Yogi, Emma Carbery worked in the corporate world for many years, most recently as HR Director and during that time she looked for ways to fit her mindfulness & yoga practices into her life. It wasn’t always easy with a hectic work schedule but Emma knew that the practices enabled her to manage a demanding job, to deliver high standards and to remain happy and healthy inside and outside of work.


Emma and her team now spend their lives delivering Workplace Mindfulness and Workplace Yoga programs to groups, individuals and businesses enabling more individuals to thrive whilst helping businesses maximize their productivity and effectiveness.