The Workplace Yogi in The National

4 years ago whilst driving down the Sheikh Zayed Road on my way to work as HR Director at MoneyGram International, an idea came to me which was to start 2 years of planning, researching and saving and then finally the creation of the The Workplace Yogi.  It was one of those inspirational moments when passion, creativity and intention come together beautifully and I felt sure that my life would never be the same again. Not only was an idea born but a wonderful journey had started and a path had opened up which I felt compelled to travel down.  It hasn’t been easy.  Being an entrepreneur has really put my years of Mindfulness and Yoga practice to the test.  The uncertainty that comes with running a business is like nothing else I have ever experienced: self doubt, rejection and frustration have sat along side excitement, fulfillment, satisfaction and incredible happiness.  The word that ties all of this together for me is ‘resilience’.  Resilience is what we are teaching people in workplaces in the UAE every day.  Physical and mental resilience are essential in order for any of us to lead fulfilling and happy lives in which we can reach our full potential.  It makes me very happy and proud to see that the hard work and dedication of The Workplace Yogi team are paying off and that our resilience to continue on our entrepreneurial journey is now enabling others to build the energy, resilience and well-being they need to live the best version of their lives.  See our latest write up in The National to find out more about how we are bringing Workplace Yoga and Mindfulness training to the workplace.